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The words
A passenger on a [flight / fight] in the USA was asked to leave the airplane because she complained about a [crying / cry] baby. The woman told cabin crew that she would not sit down because of a crying baby boy in the seat next to hers. The woman was very [rudely / rude] to the baby's mother and [swore / sworn] at her many times. The mother, Marissa Rundell, was taking a flight with her 8-month-old [baby / baby's] son from New York's JFK airport to her home in the city of Syracuse in New York State. Even [through / though] it was just a short flight, the [angry / angrily] woman was very unhappy that she had to sit next to the mother and her baby. She [even / ever] said it was terrible that she had to sit at the [backing / back] of the plane. The flight was full, so she could not be [restarted / reseated] .

Ms Rundell took a video of the woman [shouted / shouting] at her and her baby. Rundell posted the video [footage / footing] on social media. It starts with the angry woman [gathered / gathering] her bag and coat from her seat and [angrily / angry] shouting: "I'm not sitting next to a crying baby." Rundell tried to make the woman [clam / calm] down. She told her: "He's not going to cry the [hole / whole] time." The woman then got very angry and started to [swearing / swear] at Ms Rundell. Cabin crew asked the woman to leave the airplane. It took her ten minutes to leave. She then said she would get the cabin [clue / crew] fired. Rundell wrote on Facebook: "This lady thought she was going to be [rude / rudeness] to me and Mason, now she had no [way / wait] home today."

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