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The words
The new superhero movie Black Panther is [broken / breaking] box office records. It is the highest moneymaking [debut / debuted] ever for a February film. Disney, the movie's maker, [estimate / estimated] that the film has earned over $361 million in its first three days. The opening was the fifth highest-earning film [even / ever] . The movie has been helped by great reviews from [criticism / critics] . The movie review site Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 97 per cent [rotten / rating] . It is very [rare / rate] for any movie to get such a high score. The Los Angeles Times newspaper [compared / comparison] Black Panther to a Star Wars movie. It said "Black Panther fever" took [under / over] Los Angeles. It added: "The film opened to the kind of fervor typically reserved for the latest [offered / offering] in the Star Wars franchise."

Black Panther is the first Marvel superhero movie with an African-American in the title [roll / role] . It also has a largely black cast and is [direction / directed] by a black man. Many people [for / of] African descent have been showing their [proud / pride] in the movie by attending movie theatres dressed [in / on] traditional African clothes. CNN writer Van Jones said the film was very important. He said: "This film is a godsend that will [drop / lift] the self-esteem of black children in the US and around the [worldwide / world] for a long time." A seventh-grade student who [watched / looked] the film said: "For people of color, it shows us that we can get [through / though] any obstacles that are thrown at us if we work together. We can also help the world by [share / sharing] our resources."

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