Speed Reading — Super Monster Wolf - Level 3 — 300 wpm 

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Technology has come to the rescue of Japanese farmers. For thousands of years they have tried to keep animals away from their farms. However, engineers have invented the "Super Monster Wolf" to finally scare away wild animals that want to eat crops of rice, pumpkin or sweet potato. Super Monster Wolf is a solar-powered scarecrow robot that looks like a real wolf. It has lookalike wolf hair, big scary teeth and red LED eyes with infrared sensors. It also has 48 different wolf howls and other noises so animals never get used to it. Super Monster Wolf will be used to keep animals like wild boar and deer out of rice paddies, farms and fruit orchards. Farmers lose millions of dollars of crops every year to hungry animals.

Members of Japan's agricultural association (JA) took part in trials of the Super Monster Wolf in nine locations across Japan. JA spokesman Chikao Umezawa reported that the robot wolf significantly reduced crop losses. He said it was more effective than an electric fence at keeping animals out. The robot can sense movement up to one kilometre away and immediately make its scary sounds. The robot will start being mass produced from next month. It will be 65cm long and 50cm high. The price is $4,800 but farmers will have the option of renting the wolf by the month. Japan's farmers are hoping that this new electronic aid will finally stop wild animals eating their crops.

Comprehension questions
  1. What does the article say has come to the rescue for Japan's farmers?
  2. Where does the Super Monster Wolf get its energy from?
  3. What colour eyes does the Super Monster Wolf have?
  4. How many different sounds can the Super Monster Wolf make?
  5. How much money do Japan's farmers lose because of hungry animals?
  6. How many different places was the Super Monster Wolf tested in?
  7. What was the Super Monster Wolf more effective than?
  8. When will the Super Monster Wolf go into production?
  9. How tall is the Super Monster Wolf?
  10. How regularly could Japanese farmers rent the Super Monster Wolf?

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