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Having a over your head is a basic human , but there are 1.2 billion people in the world without housing. This may change thanks to a , low-cost use of 3D printers to construct houses. With 3D printing, are joined together or reinforced by using a computer-controlled to create a three-dimensional object. Two companies have joined to try and ease homelessness around the world by building affordable homes using 3D printing. Tech company ICON has developed a for printing a one-floor, 60-square-meter house out of cement in a day for just $10,000. This is a of both the time and cost needed to build a construction using conventional methods.

ICON has teamed up with the non-, international housing organization New Story. Together, they will start building homes in countries. Their joint will see 100 new homes constructed in El Salvador next year. New Story's co- Alexandria Lafci acknowledged that the 100 homes were just a in the ocean. She said: "There are over 100 million people living in conditions, in what we call survival ." She also saw possibilities for 3D-printed houses to become in richer countries in years to come. However, she said that for the : "The tech is ready now to print very high-quality, safe homes in the we're building."

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