Gap Fill - Furniture - Level 4


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   better      carpentry      custom      design      finger      humans      latest      master      needs      next      own      pack      risk      safety      skilled      stores      task      team      technology      wood  
Robots are taking over. The job technology is replacing is . For thousands of years, carpenters have created furniture. The generation of carpenters may be robots. Researchers at MIT have created a robot that can -make furniture. The robots will not replace , but will improve . The goal is to let robots do the more dangerous of sawing so carpenters can focus on .

The MIT used today's to create the "AutoSaw". It differs from robots that make the mass-produced, flat- furniture we buy from . People will design their furniture and AutoSaw will cut up the . It will also reduce the of us losing a . Researchers aim to "democratize furniture-customization". They want people to make what fits their , rather than what IKEA has. This will mean furniture.

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