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turn say wear show attend spend ask buy tell look
work meet study have be have be hope follow
The First Lady of Iceland, Eliza Reid, has heads at a movie awards ceremony. Fashion reporters Ms Reid wore a "stunning" black jacket to the Edda Awards - Iceland's version of Hollywood's Academy Awards. Ms Reid black to her support for the #metoo movement. However, unlike most people who glamorous awards shows, Ms Reid did not a fortune on her clothes. When reporters her where she had purchased her jacket, she said she it in a local Red Cross charity store in Iceland's capital city. The Icelandic Red Cross was very happy about this news. It its followers on Twitter that the first lady , "awesome in a gorgeous jacket from the Red Cross".

Eliza Reid is originally from Canada and as a journalist. She her husband, President Gudni Johannesson, when she was at Oxford University. Ms Reid told the Hit Iceland website in 2017 that she "won" a blind date with the future president at a rowing club event. She no idea she would one day become First Lady of Iceland. Both she and her husband very popular in Iceland for just like normal people. They both a very down-to-earth attitude and can often seen in the city shopping with their four children and going to restaurants. The Red Cross also likes Ms Reid. It more people will her fashion sense and buy clothes from its charity shops.

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