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The words
The First Lady of Iceland, Eliza Reid, has [tuned / turned] heads at a movie awards ceremony. Fashion reporters said Ms Reid [wore / worn] a "stunning" black jacket to the Edda Awards - Iceland's [verse / version] of Hollywood's Academy Awards. Ms Reid wore black [to / for] show her support for the #metoo [movement / moving] . However, unlike most people who attend glamorous awards [showings / shows] , Ms Reid did not spend a [fortune / fortunate] on her clothes. When reporters asked her where she had purchased her jacket, she said she [brought / bought] it in a local Red Cross charity store in Iceland's capital city. The Icelandic Red Cross was very [happily / happy] about this news. It told its followers on Twitter that the first lady looked, "[awesome / awe] in a gorgeous jacket from the Red Cross".

Eliza Reid is [origins / originally] from Canada and works as a journalist. She [met / meets] her husband, President Gudni Johannesson, when she was studying at Oxford University. Ms Reid [said / told] the Hit Iceland website in 2017 that she "won" a [blinded / blind] date with the future president at a rowing club event. She had no [ideal / idea] she would one day become First Lady of Iceland. Both she and her husband are very [popular / populate] in Iceland for being just like [normal / normally] people. They both have a very down-to-earth [altitude / attitude] and can often be seen in the city shopping with their four children and [going / gone] to restaurants. The Red Cross also likes Ms Reid. It hopes more people will [chase / follow] her fashion sense and buy clothes from its charity shops.

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