Speed Reading — Corruption - Level 4 — 500 wpm 

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Brazil's ex-president Lula da Silva is in jail. He got a 12-year sentence for money laundering and corruption. It is a big downfall for him. He still has a lot of support. Hours before giving himself to the police, his supporters tried to stop him. Hundreds of union workers blocked the gate to stop his car. However, with the help of his bodyguards, he could get past the crowds. This meant there were no clashes with armed police.

Mr da Silva is known as Lula. He was born in poverty but worked his way up to become leader of Brazil. He was elected President in 2002 and served from 2003 to 2010. During this time, he started social welfare programs and improved the economy. He helped millions out of poverty. This increased his popularity. Barack Obama called him, "the most popular politician on Earth". When he left the presidency, his approval rating was 83 per cent.

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