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Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is in jail [before / after] surrendering to authorities on Saturday night. He was [sentencing / sentenced] to spend 12 years behind [bars / bar] after being [found / fond] guilty of money laundering and [corrupted / corruption] . It is a huge fall from grace for the still-popular ex-leader. Mr da Silva still has massive support and just hours before [turning / tuning] himself in to the police, his supporters were trying to stop him from going into [custodial / custody] . Hundreds of supporters from a metal workers' union blocked a gate where a car [carried / carrying] da Silva was trying to leave to meet police officers. It was only with the help [for / of] his bodyguards that he could get through the crowds. This meant possible clashes with [legged / armed] police were avoided.

Mr da Silva is [affectionately / affection] known as Lula by his supporters. He was born [in / on] poverty and rose through the [ranks / rinks] of workers' unions to become leader of South America's largest country. He ran for the presidency [severance / several] times before being elected to office in 2002. He governed from 2003 to 2010. During his two [administers / administrations] , he initiated several social welfare programs and resurrected the [economical / economy] . This helped tens [of / for] millions out of extreme poverty, which made him very [popular / populace] . Former U.S. President Barack Obama once called da Silva, "the most popular politician [in / on] Earth". When he left office, his approval rating was an impressive 83 per cent. He hopes to [overturn / overtake] his conviction and run for president again.

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