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The words
Saudi Arabia will soon have its [really / very] first national orchestra and opera. France will help Saudi to set [down / up] the musical groups. The two countries signed a series of agreements on Monday to [boast / boost] cultural ties, and [cooperation / cooperate] through the arts. France's Culture Minister said: "Today, an agreement was [singed / signed] with the Paris Opera to help Saudi Arabia set up a national orchestra and [a / an] opera." The world-famous Paris Opera will help Saudi Arabia produce its [own / town] classical music performances and operas. Plans are already [under / over] way for the country's first opera house to be [built / build] in the kingdom's second largest city, Jeddah. Saudi Arabia will invest $64 billion in developing its entertainment industry over the [next / past] decade.

The agreement is part of a plan [creation / created] by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, called Vision 2030. He wants to [modern / modernize] many areas of Saudi [live / life] . There were other projects included in the [cultural / culturally] agreements between France and Saudi Arabia. French archaeologists will work on [developing / develop] Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ula region [in / on] the northwest of the country. The area is rich in ancient archaeological [sights / sites] . French experts will help to preserve the area. Another [key / lock] part of the agreement is the translation of literature. France's Culture Minister [stressed / worried] , "the importance of translating books in both directions, from Arabic into French and French [onto / into] Arabic".

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