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A study says that going to bed late may be for us. It could shorten our . The study was done in the UK. Researchers spent six-and-a-half years looking at 430,000 between the ages of 38 and 73. The researchers compared the of people who went to early to those who went to bed . Night owls (people who go to bed late) were 10 per cent more to die during the of the study. The researchers said that night owls were at a risk of poor health or an early death compared to early (people who sleep and wake up early).

The researchers said working should change to reduce the for night owls. A researcher said: "This is a public issue that can no longer be ignored." He said night owls should start and finish later in the day so they could sleep in the morning. He said night owls were more likely to suffer from problems, diabetes, and breathing problems. They were also more likely to smoke, drink and take drugs. Researchers also said sleeping patterns at could increase the chances of health problems for owls.

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