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   album      award      collection      completely      deep      light      mix      modern      music      non      rapper      reality      selling      shootings      sounds      usually      well      word      work      yet  
Kendrick Lamar is the first -classical or jazz musician to win the Pulitzer Prize for . Lamar won for his "DAMN". The 30-year-old songwriter rapped about the of being black in the USA. Songs like "The Blacker the Berry" became known after the police of black people in America. Pulitzer said the album was a masterly song about "the African-American life". Lamar has not commented on his .

The Pulitzer Prize for music started in 1943. Kendrick Lamar is the first and the best musician to win it. Classical musicians win. Pulitzer said: "The best was awarded a Pulitzer Prize....It shines a on hip-hop in a different way." Sky news said Lamar won: "for his lyrical content...and his profound of hip hop, spoken , jazz, soul, funk, poetry and African ."

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