Gap Fill - Time Travel - Level 4


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   any      banner      concept      cosmologist      deadline      family      future      it      life      memorial      memorial      month      once      one      possibility      possible      service      service      time      tourists  
Time travelers are invited to Stephen Hawking's service. The legendary and author died last . His has arranged a ceremony for people to remember and celebrate his . They have invited time travelers. Hawking wrote that: "If time travel is , where are the from the ?" Now they can travel back in . People born up to December 31, 2038 can attend the .

The of time travel interested Professor Hawking. He held a party for time travelers, with a saying: "Welcome time travelers". However, no from the future went. Organizers of the service haven't received replies from a time traveler. The to reserve a place at the is today. It is still possible. The organizers said: "We cannot exclude the of time travel as has not been disproven."

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