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be consist put have televise consist want bring reflect open
seem hold take become promise work promise be amend be
Women on the rise in Spanish politics. Spain's newly-formed government of eleven women and six men. The newly-elected socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has women in some of the biggest positions in his cabinet, including head of defence, economy, education and finance. Spain now the highest proportion of women in top government positions than anywhere else in Europe. In a statement, Mr Sanchez said his new government of people who to move Spain forward. He said: "All are highly qualified and a vocation for public service and the best of Spain. [They are]... to the world but anchored in the European Union."

Mr Sanchez an unlikely leader. His Socialist party just 84 of the 350 seats in Spain's parliament. He office on Friday, replacing the unpopular conservative leader Mariano Rajoy. Ex-prime minister Rajoy was the focus of a corruption scandal and had unpopular because of his austerity measures. Sanchez to bring change to Spain. However, he has to quickly to turn Spain's economy around. He has to call elections in less than two years, which may not enough time to the outgoing government's budget for 2018. One of his biggest challenges will rebuilding relations with the northeastern region of Catalonia.

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