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Women are on the [raise / rise] in Spanish politics. Spain's newly-formed government [consists / contrasts] of eleven women and six men. The newly-elected socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has put women [in / on] some of the biggest positions in his cabinet, including head [off / of] defence, economy, education and finance. Spain now has the highest [proposition / proportion] of women in top government positions than anywhere [or / else] in Europe. [In / On] a televised statement, Mr Sanchez said his new government consisted of people who wanted to move Spain [forwarding / forward] . He said: "All are highly qualified and bring a [vocation / vacation] for public service and reflect the best of Spain. They are...open to the world but [anchored / rankled] in the European Union."

Mr Sanchez seems an [unlikely / likely] leader. His Socialist party holds just 84 [of / off] the 350 seats in Spain's parliament. He [gave / took] office on Friday, replacing the unpopular conservative leader Mariano Rajoy. Ex-prime minister Rajoy was the [fracas / focus] of a corruption scandal and had become unpopular because of his austerity [measured / measures] . Sanchez promised to bring [change / charge] to Spain. However, he has to work quickly to [turn / revolve] Spain's economy around. He has promised to [call / voice] elections in less than two years, which may not be enough time to [attend / amend] the outgoing government's budget for 2018. One of his biggest challenges will [been / be] rebuilding relations with the northeastern region of Catalonia.

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