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The words
Scientists at the Canadian company Carbon Engineering have said they are [close / closing] to making carbon capture work. Carbon capture is the process [of / by] capturing waste carbon dioxide (CO2) from [place / places] like power plants and then storing it so it does not [harm / harmful] the environment. Carbon Engineering say its scientists are close [for / to] capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and [turning / tuning] it into carbon-neutral fuel. This could be a big [walk / step] forward in the fight against global warming. The scientists also said they have [greatly / grated] reduced the cost of carbon capture, to as [lower / low] as $94 per ton of CO2 captured. Many scientists [believed / belief] carbon capture would cost about $1,000 per ton captured.

The technology works by [soaking / sucking] air into special industrial towers. The CO2 is mixed [of / with] an alkaline liquid and frozen. It is then [hated / heated] and combined with hydrogen. This produces liquid fuels [such / like] gasoline and jet fuel. The founder of Carbon Engineering, Professor David Keith, was [optimistic / optimism] about the future of this process. He believes his company could help to [combat / combative] climate change. He said: "After 100 years [of / off] practical engineering and cost analysis, we can confidently say that while air capture is not [same / some] magical cheap solution, it is a [viable / fable] and buildable technology for producing carbon-neutral fuels in the immediate future, and for removing carbon in the long [walk / run] ."

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