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The [head / heading] of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has given a [stark / spark] warning to around 50 of the world's top oil company executives about the [treat / threat] to humanity from fossil fuels. At a private, closed-door meeting in the Vatican on Saturday, the pontiff [purged / urged] the oil companies to switch to renewable energies for the sake [off / of] our planet. He told the executives that fossil fuels were a [majority / major] driver in climate change and that global warning [represented / represent] a challenge of "epochal proportions". He said the companies needed to act [quick / quickly] , saying: "There is no time to lose." He warned that: "With each month that [passes / pass] , the challenge of energy transition becomes more [pressing / pleasing] ."

Pope Francis explained how important it was for the world to transition to greener [forms / form] of energy. He said: "The energy question has become one of the [principal / principality] challenges...facing the international [community / commune] . The way we meet this challenge will determine our [overalls / overall] quality of life." Francis said fossil fuels are a contributor to poverty, war and death around the world as they [effect / affect] , "the real possibility either of [revolving / resolving] conflicts in different areas of our world or of...[providing / provision] them with new fuel to destroy social stability and human lives." He added: "Civilization [requires / requiring] energy, but energy use must not destroy civilization....Clean energy is a duty that we [owe / own] towards ...generations [met / yet] to come."

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