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Japan has lowered the age at which people become adults for the first time since 1876. From the year 2022, teenagers will become adults at 18. This is two years earlier than the current age of adulthood. Even though the age has been lowered, there are still things that will not change. The legal age for drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling will stay at 20. The new law will enable 18-year-olds to marry without parental consent. They can also apply for loans and credit cards. Transgender men and women over 18 will be able to apply to have their gender officially recognized.

The new law should help the economy in Japan. The government hopes more young people will get married and start families. This will help to address Japan's falling birth rate and ageing population. More financial freedom could boost the economy and provide more tax revenue. This will help the government with increasing pension and healthcare payments. Many of Japan's young people were more worried about how the law will affect the traditional Coming of Age Day. This is a national holiday in which 20-year-olds dress up in traditional kimonos to celebrate adulthood.

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