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   attempt      because      bill      campaign      crime      criminal      disgusting      male      often      party      politician      problem      ruling      secretly      sentence      skirt      support      sure      when      women  
A UK politician has blocked a law on upskirting from being passed. Upskirting is someone takes a photo under someone else's . Politicians wanted to make it a , with a two-year prison . However, Sir Christopher Chope blocked the to pass the law. He is a member of the Conservative Party. Prime Minister Theresa May said she was "disappointed" that a member of her blocked it. She wants to see upskirting become a offence. She wants to see the bill pass soon, "with government ".

Upskirting is a big around the world because of mobile phones. Thousands of have complained that men took photos up their skirts. The man uploads the photo to a website. Mr Chope did not tell reporters why he blocked the . However, the woman who started the for the upskirting law said Chope told her that he objected to it it "wasn't debated" in parliament. She also said he "wasn't really " what upskirting was. A said it was "absolutely that a politician blocked upskirting from becoming a crime.

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