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A former U.S. soccer player has his support of rivals Mexico at the Russia World Cup. Landon Donovan, 35, for the USA national team 157 times, scoring 57 goals. He is widely regarded as the best American player ever. However, his calls for fellow Americans to rivals Mexico at the World Cup have him in hot water. Many of his ex-teammates have further him for accepting payment from the company Wells Fargo in exchange for wearing a Mexico soccer jersey. He a photograph of himself with a scarf that : "My other team is Mexico. The tournament here. USA fans, our team may not in Russia, but our neighbors to the south are. So join on our other team - Mexico."

Donovan why he wanted people to cheer for Mexico. He up in California and fluent Spanish. He said: "My heart red, white and blue and no one should ever my allegiance to and support of U.S. Soccer and its national teams. That being said, having up east of Los Angeles playing with Mexican teammates whose passion... me at a very young age....I always have had a strong connection and respect for our neighbor." Current U.S. player Claudia Soto said: "I don't why he is this. Actually, I do - money." A Mexican fan said: "There are two guys that Mexico fans to hate. Donald Trump and Landon Donovan."

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