Speed Reading — Russia World Cup - Level 4 — 200 wpm

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An ex-U.S. soccer player is supporting Mexico at the Russia World Cup. Landon Donovan, 35, played for the USA national team 157 times. People say he is the best American player ever. His calls for Americans to back Mexico have angered people. Ex-teammates criticized him for being paid to wear a Mexico soccer jersey. He tweeted a photograph of himself that read: "My other team is Mexico....So join me...to cheer on our other team - Mexico."

Donovan explained why he is cheering for Mexico. He grew up in California. He speaks fluent Spanish. He said his heart "bleeds red, white and blue" and that no one should question his love for Team USA. As a child, he loved the passion of his Mexican teammates and has a strong connection to and respect for Mexico. One U.S. player said Donovan was only doing this for money. A Mexican fan said Mexico fans love to hate two men - Donald Trump and Donovan.

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