Speed Reading — Exam Security - Level 2 — 200 wpm

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Algeria has turned off its Internet to stop students cheating in school exams. The government wants to stop students secretly going online during nationwide tests. The Internet stops for an hour after the start of each exam. The government will shut the Internet down during the exam season, from June 20 to June 25. In addition, all devices with Internet access have been banned from 2,000 exam centers. Even teachers cannot have their phones. There were many problems in 2016. Test questions were leaked online before and during exams.

Algeria's Education Minister told a newspaper that Facebook would also be blocked for the six days of the exams. She does not like doing this but needs to do something to stop students cheating. For more security, metal detectors will be put in all exam halls. Also, security cameras and mobile-phone blockers are now at the companies where the exams are printed. Many students think the government is doing the right thing. Rania Salim, 16, said it was unfair that students who didn't study could get help in exams by using their mobile phone to cheat.

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