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Singer calls world leaders "cowards" over refugee crisis






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The British singer Sting said world leaders were "half-men and cowards" for not solving the refugee crisis. He spoke at an Amnesty International concert in Greece. He praised Greece for helping refugees, saying: "Thank God for Greece because...you have shown how to treat refugees when other people are building walls. When children are being taken from their mothers and put in cages, you are acting with...generosity and common sense."

Greece helped nearly a million refugees in 2015, even though it had a financial crisis. Other countries refused to help. Many built fences to keep refugees out. Sting attacked the recent separation of more than 2,000 children from their parents who tried to cross the Mexico border into the US illegally. He called this policy "brutal". Some European countries still won't help refugees. Italy recently turned away a boat of 350 immigrants. Spain took them in.

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