Gap Fill - God - Level 1


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   angry      anyone      beliefs      comments      drugs      heart      him      hundreds      leaders      logic      luxury      one      people      picture      popular      sin      stupid      universal      witness      years  
The Philippines president has angered . President Duterte said he would resign if can prove that God exists. He often upsets people with his religious . He recently made people by calling God . On Friday, he questioned the of the Catholic Church and why can only be removed from children by paying the Church. He wants " single " who has a that a human was "able to talk to and see God".

His opponents called "one evil man". One said the president's showed that he lied, had no and was ruthless. Mr Duterte said he believed in God. He said: "There is a mind...which controls the universe." He is very in the Philippines. He has spent fighting a war on in which of people died. He also crushed illegally imported cars. He has agreed to meet religious for talks.

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