Speed Reading — God - Level 2 — 300 wpm 

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This is the text (if you need help).

The Philippines president has made people angry. President Duterte said he would resign if anyone can prove that God exists. He has upset people with his religious beliefs before. He recently made many people angry by calling God stupid. On Friday, he questioned the Roman Catholic Church. He challenged what the Church says about sin and why sin can only be removed from children by paying money to the Church. He said: "Where is the logic of God there?" He wants "one single witness" who has a picture or a selfie that a human was "able to talk to and see God".

His opponents hit back at him by calling him "one evil man". A senator said the president's comments showed that he lied, had no heart and was ruthless. President Duterte said he did believe in God. He said: "There is a universal mind somewhere which controls the universe." Mr Duterte is very popular in the Philippines. He has spent years fighting a war on drugs in which hundreds of people have been killed. He also appeared at an event where officials crushed illegally imported luxury cars. He has agreed to meet religious leaders to make relations better.

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