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Mexico's president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is [led / leading] by example in his country's austerity drive. He said he would accept [less / lesser] than half the salary of his [predecessor / precursor] when he takes office in December. This is part of an austerity drive to get Mexico's economy back [in / on] track. Mr Obrador told reporters on Sunday that: "What we want is [for / from] the budget to reach everybody." This means he will take home a salary [off / of] around $5,700 a month. This is just 40 per cent of the salary currently earned [by / for] incumbent President Enrique Peña Nieto. In [addition / additionally] , the president-elect said no public [officially / official] would be able to earn more than he will. His supporters greatly welcomed his new [austerity / posterity] measures.

Mr Obrador said he wanted to cut his salary even [farther / further] to play his part [on / in] helping the economy. He stopped at a 60 per cent cut because he thought a bigger cut would reduce the quality of people [joint / joining] his government. Many are leaving well-paid [position / positions] in the private sector to take up ministerial posts that have a [low / law] salary ceiling. However, he said he would stand [farm / firm] on his campaign promise to rein in perks given to high-level government officials. He said there would be [cutbacks / cuttings] on chauffeurs, bodyguards and health insurance for ministers. Other [measurements / measures] he will introduce are to turn the official presidential residence [into / onto] a cultural center and to stop pension payments to [former / firmer] presidents.

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