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   areas      because      correctly      damage      deadly      disaster      easily      expected      half      highest      insufficient      little      much      neck      northern      problem      protected      rays      teaspoons      thinly  
We should use suntan lotion or risk sunburn or skin . Much of the hemisphere is suffering record-breaking heat and heatwaves. Japan has declared its heatwave a natural . Doctors say people are getting less than the protection from the sun than they think. We should use lotion with the sun protection factor (SPF) possible. An SPF of 15 is to block the sun's harmful UV . Researchers say we need to use SPF 30 or 50 to make sure we are .

The doctors highlighted another - we do not use enough suntan lotion. We are skimping on how we put on. A professor said most people put too on and do not spread it on at-risk of the skin. Most people only get 40 per cent of the protection from SPF 50 lotion they apply it too . We need at least six to cover our body. We need more than half a teaspoon for our face, and ears. Many people forget to put lotion on their ears. These are too often exposed to the sun and can burn .

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