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Doctors are [warning / waning] people to use suntan lotion correctly or risk serious burns or skin damage. The warning comes as [many / much] of the northern hemisphere [swelters / sweaters] in record-breaking and deadly heatwaves. Japan has [declaration / declared] its heatwave a natural disaster as at least 80 people have died from heat-related [condition /conditions] . The doctors say people are getting [less / fewer] than half the protection from the sun than they think. Their [advice / advise] is to use lotion with the highest sun protection factor (SPF) [possibility / possible] . Many people wrongly believe SPF 15 is [sufficient / sufficiently] to block the sun's harmful UV rays. However, researchers say people need to use SPF 30 or 50 to make sure they [are / be] protected.

The doctors highlighted another problem [relation / related] to our use of suntan lotion - we do not use enough [of / for] it. Apparently, we are skimping on how much lotion we [reply / apply] to our skin. Professor Anthony Young said most people apply lotion too [thin / thinly] and often do not spread it on areas of the skin that are at [risk / risky] . He said most people only get 40 per cent of the [expected / expectation] protection from SPF 50 lotion because they are applying it too thinly. People need to apply at least six teaspoons (36g) to [cover / covet] their body. Doctors say we need to use more than half [the / a] teaspoon to cover the face, neck and ears. They warned us not to forget to put lotion on our ears, which we often [regret / neglect] and are particularly [prone / prove] to burning.

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