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Scientists record the sounds of the Sun






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Have you thought about what the Sun sounds like? Scientists from different space agencies studied 20 years of data to try to listen to the Sun. They found the Sun has a sound like a low, deep "heartbeat". They measured vibrations from the Sun and changed them into different sounds. The scientists used these to find out what is happening inside the Sun. They will understand more about solar flares and other things that happen inside the Sun.

Researchers turned data from the space agencies into a "song". A researcher said: "We don't have straightforward ways to look inside the Sun...so using...the Sun's vibrations allows us to see inside of it." He added: "Waves are travelling and bouncing around inside the Sun, and if your eyes were sensitive enough, they could actually see this." Scientists are understanding more about how complex the Sun is. He said: "I think that's a pretty cool thing."

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