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The words
What does the Sun sound like? Perhaps you have [ever / never] thought about what kinds of sounds the Sun [makes / make] , but scientists have found out. Researchers from the European Space Agency, NASA and the Solar and Heliospheric Agency [studying / studied] 20 years of data to listen [at / to] the Sun. They say the Sun produces a low, [deep / depth] "heartbeat" sound. The scientists used a solar observatory [for / to] measure vibrations from the Sun. They translated [these / them] vibrations into different sounds. These can tell the scientists what [is / be] happening inside the Sun. They can now understand more about solar [flairs / flares] , chemical reactions and other phenomena that happen inside the Sun and on [its / that's] surface.

The scientists [explanation / explained] how they created the Sun's sound. Researchers from the Stanford Experimental Physics Lab turned [data / date] from the space agencies [into / onto] a "song". Dr Alex Young said: "We don't have straightforward [way / ways] to look inside the Sun. We don't have a microscope [to / for] zoom inside the Sun, so using a star or the Sun's vibrations allows us to see inside [at / of] it." Dr Young continued: "Waves are travelling and [pouncing / bouncing] around inside the sun, and if your eyes were sensitive enough, they could [actually / actual] see this." He added: "We are [finally / final] starting to understand the layers of the Sun and the complexity. That simple sound is giving us a [prove / probe] inside a star. I think that's a pretty cool thing."

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