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The words
The United Kingdom's [farmer / former] Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of racism. He made a [numeral / number] of comments about women wearing the burka while [written / writing] in the British newspaper 'The Telegraph'. Mr Johnson said [women / woman] who wear burkas "look like letter boxes". He also said: "If a female student [tuned / turned] up at school or at a university lecture [looking / look] like a bank robber," he would ask her to remove it so that he "could talk to her [properly / property] ". Johnson was writing an article about the [recently / recent] full-face veil ban in Denmark. In the article, Mr Johnson said full-face veils should not [been / be] banned in the UK, but said women who wear a burka "look absolutely [ridiculous / ridiculously] ".

The UK's Prime Minister Theresa May has [ask / asked] Mr Johnson to [apologize / apology] for his comments. She said: "I do think that we all have to be very [careful / carefully] about the language and terms we use, and some of the terms Boris used [describes / describing] people's appearance obviously have [offended / offense] ." Another senior British politician has asked Mr Johnson to [resign / design] . Many other politicians said Johnson's comments were Islamophobic and [was / were] a hate crime. They say he knew his comments would offend [much / many] Muslims and others in the UK. Mr Johnson was London's mayor for eight years and the UK [Foreign / Foreigner] Minister for two years and so had thousands of experiences interacting with Muslim [people / person] .

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