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The United Kingdom's Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of . He made a number of comments about women wearing the burka writing in the British newspaper 'The Telegraph'. Mr Johnson said women who wear burkas "look like boxes". He also said: "If a student turned up at school or at a university looking like a bank robber," he would ask her to remove it so that he "could talk to her ". Johnson was writing an about the recent full-face veil ban in Denmark. In the article, Mr Johnson said full-face should not be banned in the UK, but said women who wear a burka "look ridiculous".

The UK's Prime Minister Theresa May has asked Mr Johnson to apologize for his . She said: "I do think that we all have to be careful about the language and we use, and some of the terms Boris used describing people's obviously have offended." Another British politician has asked Mr Johnson to resign. Many other said Johnson's comments were Islamophobic and were a crime. They say he knew his comments would offend Muslims and others in the UK. Mr Johnson was London's mayor for eight years and the UK Foreign Minister for two and so had thousands of interacting with Muslim people.

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