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make change swear speak vow work worsen promise help fight
be be make go retire enter found win make win
The new prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has many promises to his country. Mr Khan gave a speech on television on Sunday just one day after being in as Pakistan's new leader. He about improving his country's international image. In his speech, Khan to improve relations with Pakistan's neighbours India and Afghanistan. He also said he would on repairing ties with the United States. Relations between Pakistan and the USA have in the past few years because the USA accused Pakistan of helping terrorists. Khan also to create millions of jobs, reform health and education, the poor, develop opportunities for young people and corruption.

Imran Khan, 65, a hugely popular figure in Pakistan. He is greatly loved for one of his country's greatest ever cricketers. He his international debut at the age of 18 and on to captain Pakistan to the country's only Cricket World Cup victory, in 1992. Khan from cricket that same year. In April 1996, he politics and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. This is the Pakistan Movement for Justice. He a seat in Pakistan's National Assembly in October 2002. In the 2013 elections, his party won the second largest number of votes, Khan a powerful politician and possible future leader. His party the largest number of seats in last month's election.

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