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The words
The new prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has made [many / much] promises to change his country. Mr Khan [gave / give] a speech on television on Sunday just one day after being sworn [on / in] as Pakistan's new leader. He spoke about improving his country's international [picture / image] . In his speech, Khan vowed to improve relations [at / with] Pakistan's neighbours India and Afghanistan. He also said he would work on repairing [ties / times] with the United States. Relations [among / between] Pakistan and the USA have worsened in the past few years because the USA [accosted / accused] Pakistan of helping terrorists. Khan also promised to [create / grate] millions of jobs, reform health and education, help the poor, develop opportunities for young people and fight [corruption / contraption] .

Imran Khan, 65, is a hugely [popularity / popular] figure in Pakistan. He is greatly [loved / loves] for being one of his country's greatest [ever / even] cricketers. He made his international [debutante / debut] at the age of 18 and went on to captain Pakistan to the country's only Cricket World Cup [winner / victory] , in 1992. Khan retired from cricket that same year. In April 1996, he entered politics and [floundered / founded] the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. This is the Pakistan Movement for Justice. He won a [seat / chair] in Pakistan's National Assembly in October 2002. [On / In] the 2013 elections, his party won the second largest number of votes, making Khan a powerful politician [but / and] possible future leader. His party won the largest number of seats in last month's [election / electorate] .

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