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Scientists have revealed that air pollution may be responsible for a significant [redaction / reduction] in intelligence. Research conducted for the World Health Organization (WHO) in China [showing / showed] that air pollution was responsible for notable [fails / falls] in student test scores for languages and arithmetic. The Chinese study is called, "The [compact / impact] of exposure to air pollution [on / in] cognitive performance". It was published [in / on] a journal called, "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences". The study took place [under / over] a period of four years. Researchers [analyzed / analysis] verbal and arithmetic tests taken by 20,000 people [off / of] all ages. They said: "Polluted air may impede cognitive ability as people become [older / olden] ."

Researchers say their study is a [waning / warning] to the rest of the world, especially to [those / them] who live in cities. The WHO says over 91 per cent of the world population live in [area / areas] with toxic air. Air pollution is currently the [fourth / forth] highest cause of deaths worldwide. The researchers [discovered / discovery] that the longer people were [exposed / exposure] to polluted air, the greater was the damage to their intelligence. They equated the impact of air pollution to [losing / lost] a year's worth of education. For those [aged / ageing] over 60, this could be the equivalent of several years of lost [educative / education] . Researcher Dr Xi Chen warned: "There is no shortcut to solve this issue. Governments really need to take [concrete / cement] measures to reduce air pollution."

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