Gap Fill - Level 4


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   actions      all      athletes      campaign      caption      controversy      debate      everything      face      fired      injustice      instead      its      media      national      one      power      same      trend      world  
Nike will use American football player Colin Kaepernick in "Just Do It" 30th anniversary . Mr Kaepernick started a in 2016. He refused to stand for the anthem. He was protesting against racial . He knelt down on one knee of standing. This started a with other players. Kaepernick's caused a lot of . Donald Trump tweeted that NFL players should be if they did not stand up.

Nike sponsors the NFL. It will use Kaepernick's with the : "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing ." Nike said: "Colin is of the most inspirational of this generation, who has [used] the of sport to help move the forward." Yahoo Sports said: "No other athlete produces the emotional response." Many on social attacked Nike. One tweeted: "Time to throw away my Nike crap."

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