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Tanzania's President John Magufuli has [advised / advice] women in his country to stop taking birth control pills. He said the [reasons / reason] was because Tanzania needed more people and the country was now [wealth / wealthy] enough to feed and educate many children. President Magufuli said: "Women can now [give / take] up contraceptive methods." He supported his argument by [citing / sighting] the example of European countries that he says are struggling [at / to] find enough workers because people use [different / difference] methods of birth control. He told reporters: "I have traveled to Europe and I have seen the [affects / effects] of birth control. In some countries they are now struggling [at / with] a declining population. They have no labor [force / farce] ."

President Magufuli accused [them / those] of using birth control of laziness. He said: "Those [going / gone] for family planning are lazy. They are [feared / afraid] they will not be able to [feed / fed] their children. They do not want to work hard to feed a large family and that is why they [apt / opt] for birth control and end up with one or two children [just / only] ." He added: "You have [cattle / kettle] . You are big farmers. You can feed your children. Why then [retort / resort] to birth control? I see no reason to control births in Tanzania". One politician pointed out the [fact / factual] that Tanzania does not help large families. He said: "Our health insurance [schemes / screens] can only accommodate a maximum of four children from one family."

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