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The words
A sushi restaurant in Germany has [binned / banned] a customer for eating too much food. The customer was an ironman [athletics / athlete] called Jaroslav Bobrowski. He visited the Running Sushi restaurant [on / in] Bavaria last weekend. He [paid / pays] 15.90 euros (about $18.49) for an all-you-can-eat [buffet / buffeted] meal. Mr Bobrowski then sat down and ate nearly 100 plates of sushi. When he went to [pay / play] for his meal, the owner told him that he could no [lengthy / longer] return to the restaurant because of [that / how] much he ate. He told a local newspaper: "I'm banned from [now / know] on because I ate too much." He said the decision of the owner left him feeling "stunned". He told reporters that he was a [regularly / regular] customer at the restaurant.

Mr Bobrowski said he ate [such / so] much because of his ironman diet. He follows a [diet / dietary] where he does not eat for 20 hours and then eats until he is full. He had no problems [eaten / eating] at the restaurant on previous visits, but the [last / lastly] time, the manager decided the amount he ate was not [goodly / good] for business. The owner told a German news agency that: "He eats for five people. That is not [normally / normal] ." A newspaper said the restaurant waiter did not [except / accept] a tip from Bobrowski when he went to pay. Bobrowski said: "When I went to the checkout, I wanted to [lift / leave] a tip, but the waiter did not want to accept it." He now needs to find [others / another] restaurant that provides delicious and good [value / valuable] meals.

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