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The words
Tokyo's world-famous Tsukiji fish market has [closing / closed] after 83 years of trading. It shut permanently at [noon / moon] on Saturday, bringing an [end / finish] to its long history of trading in all [kinds / kind] of fish. The market is being moved to a new [sight / site] in the Toyosu area of Tokyo. The new market will start operating on Thursday. City planners in Tokyo made the [decision / decide] to close the market at Tsukiji because they wanted to build a parking [lot / load] for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which will take [place / happen] in 2020. Market traders at Tsukiji were sad on Saturday as they [final / finally] shut up shop. One seafood auctioneer, Hisao Ishii, said: "I'm almost crying. Today is a sad day [of / off] goodbyes."

Tsukiji fish market was [knowing / known] as the "kitchen of Japan". Britain's Financial Times newspaper [description / described] how important the market was. It wrote: "Tsukiji is a [symbolic / symbol] of the global food trade, the home of Japanese [quizzing / cuisine] , and is one of Tokyo's most popular tourist attractions." It added that the [atmosphere / stratosphere] at Tsukiji showed, "an older Tokyo that is [gradual / gradually] disappearing in favor of glittering high-rise towers". Nearly 500 types of seafood were [sales / sold] at the market. The most [famous / famously] product sold there was bluefin tuna. One bluefin sold for a record $1.7m in 2013. Hiroyasu Ito, chairman of Tsukiji Market Association, said: "Everyone was [pairing / pouring] their heart and soul into their trade until the [very / really] end".

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