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   architect      backing      building      chief      controversial      decision      desecration      iconic      integrity      interests      lights      masterpiece      moment      offensive      petition      platform      public      race      sides      thousands  
There is outcry in Australia over plans to use the Sydney Opera House as a "billboard" to advertise a horse race. Tens of of Australians have signed a to block the plans to project an advertisement for the Everest Cup onto the white sails of the Opera House. The race is the richest horse race in the world. The to use the Opera House as a for the ad even has the of Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He said: "It's not like they're painting it on there. I mean, it's flashing up there for a brief of time....I don't understand why we tie ourselves up in knots about these things."

The former executive of the Opera House described the decision to promote the on the world-famous landmark as "crass, inappropriate and ". He said: "I find it extraordinary that the state politicians on both have somehow decided that this is in the of Sydney, New South Wales or Australia to corrupt the way the Opera House works, to corrupt the art of the building." The son of Peter Hall, the who helped complete the Opera House, said: "My father would have been sickened by it....He would not have condoned advertising on the in any way. Lucky he's not around to see the of our beautiful, iconic ."

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