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There is public [crying / outcry] in Australia over controversial plans to use the Sydney Opera House as a "billboard" to advertise [the / a] horserace. Tens of thousands of Australians have [signed / singed] a petition to block the plans to project an advertisement for the Everest Cup [into / onto] the iconic white sails of the Opera House. The race is the [richest / rich] horse race in the world. The [decides / decision] to use the Opera House as a platform for the ad even has the [fronting / backing] of Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He said: "It's not like they're [painting / panting] it on there. I mean, it's lights flashing up there for a [brief / belief] moment of time....I don’t understand why we tie ourselves up in [knits / knots] about these things."

The [former / firmer] chief executive of the Opera House described the decision to [promotion / promote] the race on the world-famous landmark as "[crass / grass] , inappropriate and offensive". He said: "I [find / finding] it extraordinary that the state politicians on [both / any] sides have somehow decided that this is in the [interest / interests] of Sydney, New South Wales or Australia to corrupt the way the Opera House works, to corrupt the art integrity of the building." The son of Peter Hall, the [architecture / architect] who helped complete the Opera House, said: "My father would have been [sickened / sicken] by it....He would not have [condoned / cordoned] advertising on the building in any way. Lucky he's not around to see the [desertification / desecration] of our beautiful, iconic masterpiece."

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