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The words
France's government has asked Google to blur [every / all] images of French prisons on the Internet. The request is because a prisoner escaped from Reau Prison [near / nearly] Paris in July. The prisoner who escaped was an [infamous / famous] killer. He is [known / knowing] as the "jailbreak king" because he has escaped from prisons in France [most / many] times. The people who helped the man escape from Reau Prison [usage / used] a helicopter to [land / landing] inside the prison and then flew the man out. They used Google Maps to get an [ideal / idea] of the layout of the prison's grounds. France's justice minister has now asked Google to remove [or / nor] blur all images of prisons in France from [its / this] services. This is to help stop future jailbreaks.

France's justice minister said she did not want any details or [picture / pictures] of prisons online. She [peculiar / particularly] wanted all aerial photos to be blurred so no one could use them to carry [up / out] criminal activities. She complained to a [local / locally] radio station that: "It's not [normally / normal] that photos of security buildings such [was / as] our prisons are out there on the Internet." Google said it has [contacted / contracted] the companies that provide the images. A spokesperson told Reuters news agency [what / that] Google's mapping services used images provided by other companies. It said: "We have given our [suppliers / supplies] a list of sensitive locations and asked them to take the necessary steps as soon as possible to conform [with / within] the law."

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