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show be look affect find be find look be associate
look take include get compare answer seem look be understand
New research that nicer people are likely to poorer than people who are not so nice. Researchers at how the personalities of different people how rich or well off they were. The researchers that people with a nice, warm personality worse off financially than people who were more selfish. Kinder people it more difficult to after their money. Researcher Dr Joe Gladstone said this because of the "agreeableness" of people who were kinder, more trusting and more caring. He said: "We find that agreeableness is with various [signs] of financial hardship, including lower savings, higher debt and higher default rates."

The researchers at data from different sources, including two online surveys by almost 4,000 participants. The data answers to questions on people's financial situation, how people into debt, and people's attitude towards money. They this data with surveys in which almost 5,000 people questions about their personality and their agreeableness. The researchers said agreeable people to care less about money and so did not after or manage their money wisely. Researcher Sandra Matz said that kind and trusting had "financial costs". She wanted to better , "why nice guys seem to finish last".

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