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The words
New research shows that nicer people are [liked / likely] to be poorer than people who are not so [nicely / nice] . Researchers looked at how the personalities of different people [affected / effected] how rich or well off they were. The researchers found that people with a nice, [warmly / warm] personality were worse [on / off] financially than people who were more selfish. Kinder people found it more difficult to look [before / after] their money. Researcher Dr Joe Gladstone said this was [through / because] of the "agreeableness" of people who were [kindly / kinder] , more trusting and more caring. He said: "We find that agreeableness is associated [to / with] various signs of financial hardship, including lower savings, higher debt and higher default [rates / rate] ."

The researchers looked at data from [different / difference] sources, including two online surveys taken by [most / almost] 4,000 participants. The data included answers to questions [on / in] people's financial situation, how people got [unto / into] debt, and people's attitude [forwards / towards] money. They compared this data with surveys in which almost 5,000 people answered questions about their [person / personality] and their agreeableness. The researchers said agreeable people seemed to care [less / few] about money and so did not look after or manage their money [wisdom / wisely] . Researcher Sandra Matz said that being kind and [trust / trusting] had "financial costs". She wanted to better understand, "why nice guys seem to finish [last / lasting] ".

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