Gap Fill - Art Therapy - Level 1


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   activity      art      benefits      better      century      convinced      doctor      general      health      hormones      mental      museum      patients      people      physical      same      scientific      sick      that      them  
A in Canada is working with doctors to help people. Doctors will send to art galleries, instead of giving medicine. The doctors believe benefits our . The patients include people with breast cancer, eating disorders, epilepsy and health problems. A spokesperson said: "We saw the museum was good for ....You could come to the museum and you might feel ."

A who helps to heal people with art therapy spoke about its . She said: "There's... proof that art therapy is good for your health." Looking at art increases the kinds of in our bodies that are released when we exercise. The museum's director- said: "I am that in the 21st , [art] will be what physical was for health in the 20th century."

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