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Airports will add a new layer to their procedures. Several airports in Europe will start giving lie detector to passengers. Special lie detector machines will use intelligence to test travellers. The lie detector machines are backed by a European Union called i-BorderControl. The first machines will be at border in Hungary, Greece and Latvia. Airports in these countries will carry out on the lie detector machines this month. Travellers from outside the European Union will have to take the test. They will look into a webcam and answer from a computer-animated immigration . The computer-generated animation will change to match the and language of the traveller.

A European Union said the virtual border guard will scan passengers' faces and analyze their -expressions. They will use these to find out if the passenger might be lying. A human security guard will take over if the lie-detecting detects a security risk. The procedure will divide passengers into two types. Low-risk travellers will be asked information in the lie-detection process, while higher-risk passengers will get more questions. A psychology expert doubted if the system would work. He said: "If you ask people to lie, they will do it and show very different behavioral than if they truly lie....This is a known problem in ."

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