5-speed listening (Freakshake Milkshakes - Level 4)

Calls for ban on sugary 'freakshake' milkshakes






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There are calls to ban freakshakes - "monstrous" milkshakes packed with "grotesque" levels of sugar. The campaign group Action on Sugar wants the shake banned from restaurants as it has up to 1,280 calories. It would take three hours of jogging for an adult to burn off these calories. Freakshakes can contain 39 teaspoons of sugar - more than six times the recommended daily amount for a 10-year-old. This is the same as four cans of Coke.

Freakshakes started in Australia and spread worldwide. A restaurant mentioned by Action on Sugar said it took nutrition seriously and was sticking to a sugar-reduction programme. It added: "Freakshakes only feature on our main menu and are not targeted at children....We regularly work with our suppliers to explore ways we can reduce sugar levels in our dishes." A health spokesman said the government needed to limit shakes to 300kcal per serving.

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Freakshake Milkshakes - Level 5  |  Freakshake Milkshakes - Level 6

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