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A man from Norway has a rare white reindeer calf while on a walk in the north of his country. Mads Nordsveen, 24, from Norway's capital city Oslo, was in the mountains at the weekend. While through the snow, he a smallish white animal and it was a reindeer. Mr Nordsveen said the creature was so white, "he almost into the snow". Nordsveen the experience as being "magical" and like a "fairy tale". He said: "The reindeer to me very close and we into each other's eyes. He was very calm when he saw that I did not have bad intentions. He as if he was posing for my photos. He was very a little explorer."

The photograph of the reindeer calf has viral on social media. It has been over 30,000 times since Nordsveen it on Monday. It is good luck in Scandinavian countries to a white reindeer. Many people think it is good timing as Christmas is . According to folklore, Santa Claus' sleigh is by eight flying reindeer. They help Santa to presents to good children on Christmas Eve. However, Santa's reindeer are usually brown. A white reindeer is very rare. Their unusual appearance is by a genetic condition that removes colour from their fur. People can such a reindeer for being an albino, but this is not the case. In the USA, reindeer are as caribou.

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