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The words
A man from Norway has photographed a rare white reindeer [half / calf] while on a walk in the north of his country. Mads Nordsveen, 24, from Norway's capital city Oslo was [hiked / hiking] in the mountains at the weekend. While walking through the snow, he [spotty / spotted] a smallish white animal and realized it was a reindeer. Mr Nordsveen said the [creature / creative] was so white, "he almost [disappearance / disappeared] into the snow". Nordsveen described the experience as [being / been] "magical" and like a "fairytale". He said: "The reindeer [come / came] to me very close and we looked [onto / into] each other's eyes. He was very [clam / calm] when he saw that I did not have bad intentions. He behaved as if he was [posting / posing] for my photos. He was very curious...like a little explorer."

The photograph of the reindeer calf has [gone / going] viral on social media. It has been liked over 30,000 times [since / for] Nordsveen uploaded it on Monday. It is [good / goodly] luck in Scandinavian countries to see a white reindeer. Many people think it is [goodness / good] timing as Christmas is coming. According to folklore, Santa Claus' [slay / sleigh] is pulled by eight flying reindeer. They help Santa to deliver [present / presents] to good children on Christmas Eve. However Santa's reindeer are [usual / usually] brown. A white reindeer is very rare. Their unusual [appearance / appeared] is caused by a genetic condition that removes colour from their [far / fur] . People can mistake such a reindeer for being an albino, but this is not the case. In the USA, reindeer are known [as / was] caribou.

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