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   anger      calm      decades      economy      emergency      famous      far      freedom      fuel      middle      proposed      public      reforms      retirement      state      streets      unrest      violent      visibility      worst  
France is experiencing it has not seen for . France is for revolution and has now been rocked by nationwide protests. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the and have brought chaos to businesses, transport and the French . The protests are led by the Yellow Vests Movement, so called because protestors wear high- jackets. The protests started because of rising prices, the high cost of living, and claims that new tax are unfair for the working and classes.

France's President Emmanuel Macron has declared "a of social and economic ". The violence has caused over a billion dollars in damages so and this figure is set to rise. Paris has seen the of the protests. To make people happier, Mr Macron will cancel his fuel-price rise, deliver tax relief for the poor, and cancel a tax. He called for the chaos to end and for to return. He said: "No justifies attacking a police officer...or damaging a shop or building. When violence is unleashed, ends."

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